VPN Questions

Here you can find the most asked questions or FAQs about using the pptpvpn.org free VPN tunneling service, feel free to contact us if your questions are not answered here.

Is this PPTP VPN service secure?

Yes. You will be able to benefit from a totally private USA or UK wide VPN infrastructure when you access the VPN service. This private network architecture is a vital component of secure and reliable VPN service. The carrier grade VPN technical architecture combined with layered IP technology allows you to obtain very secure internet connectivity solutions using 1024 bits encryption with PPTP VPN protocol.

Is it true that I can connect to lots of websites that are not able to access from my area?

Yes. You can connect as many sites as you can using the VPN tunneling. You can select to use our United States or United Kingdom VPN network for your web surfing tunneling so both USA and UK websites are virtually fully opened to you in spirit where you are or which country you are coming from. This is the beauty of VPN service – Just like you are physically located in UK or UK countries.

I got VPN dial-up Errors for example Error 619: The port was disconnected, or Error 645, Dial-Up Networking could not complete the connection to the server, or Error 930, The authentication server did not respond to authentication requests in a timely fashion. What should I do now?

1. Triple check your PPTP VPN username and password. Most of time you may still use the old expired VPN password, so double check the latest password before establishing the VPN connection please.
2. Check the personal firewall setup in your PC. It must be configured to allow a pptp vpn connection from your computer. A pptp connection requires port 1723 and support for the TCP/IP GRE protocol (protocol # 47).
3. Check the personal router (if connecting from home). It needs to be configured to support pptp vpn pass through. It is usually under the advanced tab when you log into your router/firewall appliance. Some older models will need to have a newer version of the firmware installed. You can download this from the vendor’s websites.
4. The network you are on may actively block a pptp vpn by policy. Some networks may have old routers that do not support GRE. If you do not own these networks the only thing you can do is talk to tech support.
5. If all else fails, the in very rare case the VPN network is doing the short time maintenance ( every week there is a 5 minutes short period maintenance window), wait for 10 minutes please, have a quick break with your family and then come back to try the VPN again.

What is your service’s Term of Service?

PPTPVPN.org service is free to anyone from any country, however to make sure we can run the service smoothly, users need follow our Term of Service below if he/she want to utilize the VPN tunneling for legal internet accesses:

To use this free service, you agree that you won’t hack, attack, scan or break into other computers, servers or websites; and you won’t distribute viruses/trojans/worms or pirated copyright materials; and you won’t generate fraud transaction and abuse credit card payment systems; and you won’t send unsolicited or fraudulent emails; and you won’t engage in child pornography activities; and you won’t encourage criminal or terrorist activities. If you violate any of our term that involve illegal or criminal activities, the privacy and confidentiality privileges won’t be guaranteed any more, your detail VPN access logs are exposed to US/UK Police Department and Law Enforcement Agencies.